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In international relationships, relations, business and transactions you cannot always assume that Swedish or some other country’s jurisdiction and legislation applies. International private law covers the rules for choice of jurisdiction, choice of law, forum or enforcement of a judgement or decision when it comes to disputes reaching across country borders. This part of our operation is important for several legal areas, such as family law, divorce, paternity issues, abduction of children and inheritance etc., purchase and contract law where trade between countries continuously increases as well as disputes over such trade and the consequences such as damages.

Depending on applicable law and any agreements between countries, conventions, a decision is made on what law applies and which court is competent to adjudicate a dispute and where and how it is to be enforced.

Lindgren Law Firm assists with counsel and in disputes in international private law in Stockholm and internationally.

Make sure you are well informed already from the start in to avoid problems and contact us at Lindgren Law Firm with any questions or problems concerning international private law.

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