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Lindgren advokatbyrå is your attorney on family law in Stockholm

Family law covers laws and regulations governing everything from marriage, co-habitation and family life to parenthood and deaths. The lawyers at Lindgren Law Firm undertake any family law matters in Stockholm concerning divorce, division of assets, living, custody, alimony and visitation rights. It may involve providing counsel in how assets and liabilities will be divided in case of separation and death or when separating parents try to agree on how their relationships with the children will be settled, as well as making agreements on living arrangements, custody, visitation and alimony.

Whether it concerns custody disputes, divorce or division of assets, we have knowledge and experience in family law. When you hire us as your lawyers in family law matters and cases in Stockholm you will be confident that your queries are clarified in the best way and your requirements are met with commitment. We do not only undertake family cases and matters in Stockholm but also have an extensive international network.

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