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At times, questions will arise concerning your business which are difficult to manage on your own.

We at Lindgren Law Firm assist you with legal and commercial knowledge in all matters concerning commercial law in Stockholm, Sweden and internationally. With personal commitment we assist you in matters such as purchase and sale, how to draft correct company and business agreements, and other legal issues specifically relevant to your business. We provide you with counsel concerning any business transactions great or small. When it is time to purchase or sell off a company, we are there as your legal collaborator and advisor on commercial law.

With our knowledge, we analyse, evaluate and assist in solving your business related legal matters, whether it is a particular question or a complicated legal dispute, which means you can be confident that you are fulfilling all your obligations and have the right conditions to start or maintain a stable and secure career. We are a law firm where commercial law is only one of our areas of expertise.

Please contact us at Lindgren Law Firm with any question concerning anything from contracts, company law, real estate law, sub-contractors, litigation and arbitration to inheritance disputes, division of joint property, international civil and criminal law. Whether you are a small or large business or a private individual, we will help you with our extensive knowledge and great commitment.

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