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We provide you with assistance and support in cases and matters concerning inheritance law

Lindgren Law Firm undertakes both national and international assignments concerning inheritance law, wills and division of assets. We provide thorough knowledge and experience to meet your specific situation and your wishes in the best way possible. As a legal firm in the inheritance law area in Stockholm, we act as legal counsel in matters and queries concerning inheritance law. It may be estate administration, queries regarding the administrator, executor of a will, or counsel when drafting a prenuptial agreement, will or co-habitation agreement. We also assist in disputes regarding inheritance law or in situations concerning contesting a will or other legal acts.

Your life situation decides in what way your specific matter will be managed. Inheritance rights for children or spouses are different to those of siblings, parents and co-habitants. If you are unsure of what applies to you, we can help you. Whether it concerns a negotiation between parties or a trial, it is important that you feel confident that your query is managed in the best way possible.

Please contact Lindgren Law Firm for advice and legal assistance in any inheritance law matters in Stockholm. We have extensive experience in assisting clients in Sweden and Italy and also assist in such matters in other parts of the world. We also provide legal protection and legal aid.

Inheritance law

Lindgren Law Firm can assist you in inheritance law as follows:

  • Invalidity of a will
  • Will
  • Executor of will
  • Administrator
  • Estate inventory
  • Division of property
  • Inheritance
  • Distribution of an estate
  • European Cerificate of Succession
  • International inheritance law
  • International inheritance tax

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