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We assist both companies and individuals in contract law matters in stockholm

There are many rules and requirements on how a contract is drafted, interpreted, amended or terminated – both between individuals and businesses. Lindgren Law Firm is ready to represent you in contract law matters in Stockholm, assist you with knowledge and experience to ensure all your contracts are managed correctly. When and how do you enter a contract? What must it contain and how do you interpret a contract which has already been entered into? What happens if the contract needs to be amended and how do I terminate it? We help you with these and other questions you may have so you can feel confident. We assist both small and large businesses and individuals, nationally and internationally.

Contracts are drafted in different ways all the time and often without you even thinking about it. Contract law is an extensive legal area and often relevant within our business. It may concern everything from usage of property and real estate to contracts regarding services and trading in goods. When you need to draft a contract within the business, for instance between different partners or external collaborators. As contract law lawyers in Stockholm, we can represent you when you need to draft new contracts, amend or terminate current contracts in a correct manner depending on your needs and requirements so you can be confident that the contract is correctly drafted.

Contract law

Lindgren Law Firm can assist you in contract law as follows:

  • Draft contracts
  • Standard contracts
  • Invalid contracts
  • Termination of contracts
  • Damages
  • Promissory notes
  • Contracts
  • Colocation Service Agreements
  • Orgalime

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