Legal protection & Legal aid

Whatever thoughts you might have regarding a litigation, legal aid, insurances or if you represent a charity organisation, you are welcome to phone us for a moment of complimentary discussion on the matter.

Legal protection

You would normally get legal protection through your home- or company’s insurance. If disputes arise, you may appeal to it in order to cover your legal expenses.

Legal protection by home insurance usually implies that you pay between 20-25% of the fee and that your insurance company covers the rest. We assist you in seeking legal protection from your insurance, if needed. You are welcome to contact us for further information on legal protection.

If your insurance does not cover your legal expenses, you can, under certain circumstances, seek legal aid.

Legal aid

The Court or the Legal Aid Authority can grant legal aid.

If you are granted legal aid, you must contribute to the payment of the legal aid fee, determined in relation to the share of expenses for our commission. The State covers the rest.
Your share – your legal aid fee – is then determined after an examination of your income, resources, debts and supply-burden.

Certain limits in regard to the possibility of receiving legal aid exist, You can contact us for additional information or read more on The Legal Aid Authority’s website.

We assist you in your application to legal aid by stipulating whether it is needed in your case.

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